Muses come in all forms, even when doing product R&D. We strive to elevate and celebrate women in every part of our organization. This time, we were inspired by the free spirit and half-naked dances of Isadora Duncan as we developed our new BARE Hemp Extract (CBD) Unscented Body Care Collection.

Who is she anyway? 

Isadora Duncan (1877-1927), known as the Mother of Modern Dance, was an artistic rebel with goddess-like moves that transformed dance forever. Her devotion to nature, self-expression, and, sometimes, half-naked performances inspired our BARE Hemp Extract (CBD) Unscented Body Care Collection. We stripped down these products to their purest essence — no harmful chemicals and no fragrance. 

Imagine a more restrictive time for women. Seen as unequal in every way. Physical bindings like corsets restrain their breath, not to mention their movement. Enter in Isadora Duncan. She danced barefoot and half-naked on the world’s stage in billowing fabrics draped like togas of the ancient Greeks. She chose Beethoven, Chopin, and Wagner which had never been danced to before. Many described her dance style as wild, full of big movements and even bigger emotions. She rejected the norms of the day and transformed dance, and life, as we know it. 

Her life was straight out of a Greek tragedy despite her fame and impact. Born in 1877 to a poor, broken family in San Francisco, destiny served up a nomad-like existence, riddled with strife, financial up and downs, and lots of lovers.  When she professed to be a communist, her American citizenship was revoked. On or offstage, she was spontaneous, brave, and confident. 

Ironically, it was her dancing flowy scarf that would kill her. She died in a freak auto accident in 1927 when her scarf got caught in the rear wheel and snapped her neck instantly. PUFF…in an instant a legend gone forever.  

We want to thank Isadora for her incredible impact on dance and to the world. We celebrate her today by releasing our BARE Hemp Extract (CBD) Unscented Body Care Collection in her honor. We hope her free and natural spirit thrives within everyone who uses it. 

Check out the unscented Bare Collection with NEW Relief Cream that soothes discomfort while moisturizing the most sensitive of skin types:

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